Golf Course Photography & Videography

Isn't it time your course got the attention it deserves? Let's show the world what your club is really about. The people, the community, fun, laughter, and of course of the golf.

Isn't It Time Your Course Got The Attention it Deserves?

When you create a piece of content, whether its video or photography, the goal is to tell a story, to inspire someone to take action. You want someone to see it and then go... I want to play there and go and book a round of golf. 

Up until now, golf course videography and photography, in our opinion, hasn't quite been up to par (sorry, pun intended).

While some showcase the course nicely,  and for some reason others insist on some dodgy 70s sounding adult movie style background music, and sure the computerized flyovers are useful (but also boring), but there was always something missing. I mean who comes and plays your course for 'nice' and 'useful'? 

A new style of video is here, one that truly show's what your club is all about! The PEOPLE!

The fun, the laughs, the community, and yes the golf too! That's what people want to see.

Creating Video Content

Your club is fun right? People enjoy themselves? They have a laugh? I mean that's what golf is all about! So lets show that. That's what people want to be a part of! Sure they like seeing a nice course, but its the people and the community they want to be a part of.

If your website could use a new promotional video, if you want fly overs that actually get engagement and get people excited about playing there, if your social media could use some new content, if your ads could use a great video to get people excited about playing your course, then click that button below and let's find a solution for your club.

Golf Course Photography

Sure the standard course shots are nice and they make the course look amazing, but where's the personality?

Let's tell the true story of the club, lets show the people, the personalities, the community. That's why people join a club, let's show them that.

If your website or your social media could use some great new content then click that button below and let's find a solution for you.

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