Team Training

All the sports teams in the world have on-going coaching. If you want to create a world class team, shouldn't you be training too?

Great People & Teams Make Great Companies

Building a great club, one where people love to come, one that they rave about to their friends and family about, always comes back to the team you have there.

From customer service to management of the course, to sales and marketing, to the bar and restaurant, all of it is run by people, your people! They create the environment and the culture of the club!

You might be asking why we do this training, I mean it's not websites and advertising is it? It's simple, we want to help clubs grow and we start by driving new leads into the club. But if the team can't sell, or keep members, and struggle to get people coming back then growth will be really tough.

Your Team Are The Face Of Your Club

Every interaction your members and customers have are with your team. That means their experience is heavily reliant on those interactions with your team. 

As business owners we often assume that people know how they should act, or what they should say in certain situations, but have we ever actually trained them in it?

Just because a world class rugby player walks into the locker room of the All Blacks team doesn't mean he knows the system that is expected of him in their scenario. He has to be coached around their systems. The same is true for your team!

Let's build out those systems for your club and then get your team trained in them.

The Team Training Process

Planning out the customer journey

As a team we all go through the current journey and then map out what you want to happen

Implementation Of The Customer Journey

Once the plan is in place its all about the training and implementation of it. Through regular training and implementation days we get the plan in place.

On Going Coaching & Management

It's important to always be coaching around the skills and processes. The top players in the world work with a coach on their swing everyday, we need to work on the skills required for our jobs as well.

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